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  • Film Review: ‘Little Woods’ April 20, 2019
    So much of the recent political debate has focused on the United States’ southern border, and on the threat of illegal drugs and criminals filtering up through Mexico. But what of the north, where Americans traffic opiates and prescription pills from Canada across a border that runs nearly three times as long? “Little Woods” opens […]
    Peter Debruge
  • SiriusXM Unveils $8 Essential Plan for Consumers Without Cars April 20, 2019
    SiriusXM wants to cater consumers without cars, or cars without compatible stereos, with a new $8 plan for mobile and in-home listening. Dubbed SiriusXM Essential, the plan offers access to 200+ channels featuring the network’s entire music programming, as well comedy, news and select sports channels. Consumers will be able to test the new plan […]
    Janko Rottgers
  • Why John Lithgow Worried About Starring in Broadway’s ‘Hillary and Clinton’ April 20, 2019
    When Lucas Hnath first conceived of “Hillary and Clinton” in 2008, he was writing for and about a very different America. Now, a total reimagining of the show has made its way to Broadway with Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow in the titular roles. At the opening on Thursday night, the cast and creatives talked […]
  • Adam Lambert Back to ‘Idol’ to Mentor Finalists Through Queen’s Catalog April 20, 2019
    Adam Lambert famously launched his career on “American Idol” a decade ago performing a brilliant audition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” He wrapped that amazing eighth season performing with the band on the season finale, and years later earned his current spot as the front man touring as Queen + Adam Lambert. On April 28, Lambert comes full circle as he st […]
  • Beyonce’s Netflix Deal Worth a Whopping $60 Million (EXCLUSIVE) April 19, 2019
    Netflix has become a destination for television visionaries like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy, with deals worth $100 million and $250 million, respectively, and top comedians like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle ($40 million and $60 million, respectively). The streaming giant, which just announced it’s added nearly 10 million subscribers in Q1, is honing in [ […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • Synthplex Conference Draws 2,500 Electronic Music Enthusiasts to Burbank April 19, 2019
    The inaugural SYNTHPLEX Music Conference, held in Burbank on March 28 through 31, drew more than 2,500 electronic music enthusiasts. The confab included performances, lectures and, most importantly, hands-on time with instrument manufacturers — from marquee names like Roland and Elektron down to smaller, more boutique modular companies. Among the highlights […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • ‘Field of Dreams’ Turns 30: Why the Baseball Classic Still Holds a Special Place in America’s Hearts (and Heartland) April 19, 2019
    Humphrey Bogart never said, “Play it again, Sam” in the 1942 Oscar-winning classic “Casablanca.” In fact, no one says it in the movie. And the mysterious voice in the adored 1989 fantasy film “Field of Dreams” does not tell Kevin Costner: “If you build it, they will come.” Released 30 years ago on April 21, […]
    Pat Saperstein
  • J-Pop Stars Perfume Talk Coachella, Influences and Sourdough Bread April 19, 2019
    One of Japan’s most popular groups, Perfume became the first J-Pop act to ever take the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with a performance last weekend. Formed in 2000, the electro-pop trio will do another set at the fest’s Gobi Tent on Sunday. That concert will conclude Perfume’s U.S. tour to promote their album, “Future Pop.” Nocchi [ […]
  • TV News Roundup: Netflix’s ‘Laugh-In’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Sets Premiere Date April 19, 2019
    In today’s TV News roundup, Netflix sets the premiere date for its 50th anniversary special of “Laugh-In.” DATES “Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate,” the 50th anniversary tribute to the original series by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, will premiere on Netflix on May 14. The special, which was taped at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, pays […]
    Jordan Moreau
  • Live+3 Ratings for Week of April 8: NCAA Championship Game Dunks on Competition April 19, 2019
    The final of the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament, in which Virginia triumphed over a spirited Texas Tech team, unsurprisingly finished way out in front in the Live+3 ratings for the week of April 8. Although the sports broadcast’s scripted competition made some gains, its 5.4 ratings still more than doubled that of “Grey’s Anatomy” in […]
    Will Thorne

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Evolution by Des Wissens
— Evolution by Des Wissens

‘Sustainability’ and ‘collaboration’ are two words that we use at The Newes all day long. If we don’t use either of those two words when talking on the phone to clients, I assess fines on a sliding scale anywhere from $2-5 per infraction, and that can add up. The labor relations board (and our lawyers) have deemed these fines to be problematic, so all of my employees are free to donate their accumulated sustainability and collaborative funds to the charity of their choice. By the way, this early Red Sox skid is unsustainable. They need to collaborate more as a team (cha-ching) and that’s what it takes to be a winner.

When historians study the remnants of what will become known as the ‘American Century,’ the 20th Century will place the United States of America as the greatest superpower in human history. Our birth in the 18th Century, our adolescence in the 19th and our irrational and internecine struggle as brothers and sisters North and South resulted in our coming of age in 1900. As we lurch as a nation into the 21st Century, we also begin to slouch, as with all the great tribes, the Maya, the Mongol, the Malay and we are all confronted with the uncomfortable fact that we in approaching our inevitable old age and eventual demise, perhaps we could try and live forever? Is that rational? Nations evolve in symbiosis with nature (us!), so it’s a matter of nature that all governments evolve, n’est-ce pas? Our government is our body politic and when our government has a disease, we feel it in our very own bodies as certainly as if we consumed a toxin. Our bodies seek to remove this toxic badness, but some maladies — such as cancer and heart disease— can be terminal. We as a nation must maintain our good physical and mental health and each one of us, individually, must fulfill our duty to our particular Creator. Let’s all try to not make it worse, at least.

And here’s the Easter egg I promised: yoga. Now don’t get all ‘men don’t eat quiche’ about this guys, as I did — and I suffered for decades with debilitating back pain because of it. We’ve evolved into strange creatures huddling over our little devices all day and our backs have been curved back into the Stone Age. Before you go to bed every night, do two things: lie flat on your pillow for a minute to relax, then ball yourself up and let your lower back slowly stretch out for a couple of minutes. If you feel pain, just wait, but if it gets too much, try again the next day. If your back starts to ‘open’ up, you will know you did it right. After your lower back is all loosened up, then really stretch your back and tailbone until you almost feel pain. This is apparently called the ‘Child Pose’ but I call it ‘balling up’ while pulling, aligning and straightening my back. The next pose is a little scary, but take it slow and it’s the key to unlocking the pain: the ‘Upward Dog,’ slowly use your arms to ‘walk’ from the Child’s Pose on all fours until your arms are underneath you in a wide-stance ‘push up,’ legs flat on the bed and your back is now a little BACKWARDS! Scary, I know, but just relax for a minute and slowly let the weight of your body align your back into place. It hurts a bit to ‘go through’ the point where our back gets tight and then finally, let your back ‘swing’ with the weight of your body, but that’s the whole point, to ‘bend’ your tailbone back a little because we all sit and compute all day, so before you feel any pain in this second pose, slowly roll over and relax for a minute. That’s it! These two poses, in under five minutes will change your life. You’ll thank me later, or sue me for malpractice, I’m willing to take the chance to remove back pain from your life forever. Happy Easter!

John Underhill
April 15, 2019

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