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  • China Box Office: ‘Toy Story 4’ Beaten by Old Animated Film ‘Spirited Away’ June 24, 2019
    Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” has debuted to record-breaking opening weekends all over the world – but not in China, where it was soundly beaten by a nearly 20-year-old Japanese anime classic, Ghibli Studios’ “Spirited Away.” While “Toy Story 4” made film history in territories around the world with the largest-ever three-day opening for […] […]
    Rebecca Davis
  • Keeley Hawes to Star in and Produce Honor-Killing Drama for ITV June 24, 2019
    Keeley Hawes will star as a detective attempting to bring a group of killers to justice in the wake of a so-called honor-killing in “Honour.” The two-part drama is based on the real-life case of Banaz Mahmod, a young Londoner murdered by her own family for falling in love with the wrong man. It is […]
    Stewart Clarke
  • Love Nature Teams with Arte, BBC, Smithsonian on Natural History Series ‘Stormborn’ June 24, 2019
    Love Nature has greenlit “Stormborn,” a wildlife series about animals living in the wildlands of countries on the edge of the North Atlantic. The three-parter will bow on Love Nature’s 4K linear channel and streaming service and then play on Arte in France and Germany, BBC Scotland and Smithsonian Channel. Love Nature is the natural […]
    Stewart Clarke
  • Barcroft Studios Hires John Farrar as Creative Director, Ups Two Execs (EXCLUSIVE) June 24, 2019
    John Farrar, whose credits include “The Imposter,” has joined U.K. producer and digital content specialist Barcroft Studios. The company has also upped two senior staffers, with Alex Morris elevated to chief creative officer and Caspar Norman to chief operating officer. The new recruit joins Barcroft from Nerd TV, the U.K. shingle he co-founded with Jago […] […]
    Stewart Clarke
  • Rihanna Presents Mary J. Blige With BET Lifetime Achievement Award June 24, 2019
    Rihanna took the Microsoft Theater stage on June 23 to present Mary J. Blige with the BET Lifetime Achievement Award. Hailing the legendary singer for her style and sound, Rihanna also made mention of Blige’s history-making two Oscar nominations in the same year, for best actress and original song for “Mudbound.” Accepting the trophy, Blige […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • BET Awards’ Carpet Colored Blue in Honor of Late Nipsey Hussle June 24, 2019
    The 2019 edition of the BET Awards doubled as a celebration of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in March outside of his Marathon clothing store in Los Angeles. In honor of the man affectionately known as “Nip,” the carpet was colored blue. “The marathon continues” was a common refrain on the carpet (as […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • BET Awards 2019: The Complete Winners List June 24, 2019
    The 2019 BET Awards kicked off with a performance by Cardi B, who came into the night leading with 7 nominations and, not surprisingly, picked up the award for album of the year for her “Invasion of Privacy.” Other top nominees included Drake with 5, and Beyonce, Travis Scott and J. Cole, each with four. […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • Mubi Streaming Service Launches in Southeast Asia (EXCLUSIVE) June 24, 2019
    Film specialist streaming platform Mubi is to launch in Southeast Asia. The service kicks off with operation in Malaysia, and has plans to quickly launch in another half-dozen territories in the fast-developing region. Mubi will retain its highly curated approach of offering one new film title per day and retaining each for just 30 days. […]
    Patrick Frater
  • Quality Control’s Coach K Says Abortion Ban Has Already Impacted Business in Atlanta June 23, 2019
    A who’s who of black entertainment and tech filled the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom on June 22 for the 4th annual Culture Creators Innovators and Leaders Awards brunch. Honorees included Byron Allen, who received the Icon Award; actress and executive producer Marsai Martin, who was named Innovator of the Year; and Quality Control Music founders […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • CBS Plots July Debut for ‘Evening News’ With Norah O’Donnell June 23, 2019
    In less than a month, Norah O’Donnell will start delivering the headlines at “CBS Evening News” – and, most likely, start generating a few of her own. CBS News plans to launch a re-tooled “CBS Evening News” anchored by O’Donnell on July 15th, part of the network’s ambitious plans to overhaul its morning and evening […]
    Brian Steinberg

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The Laundress Signature Detergent



John Underhill: Boing!

Spring has sprung! Get your very own paperback edition of the most highly-anticipated book in decades, the Mueller Report (2019). There has never been a more important political investigation than Robert S. Mueller III’s into President Donald Trump’s possible collusion with Russia. His momentous findings can be found here.

April Fools!

Soon, my fellow Americans, soon. Until then, Pre-order the book on Amazon! I hope you also have some free time to drop down the entertainment menu thingy up on the top of this site to listen in to our new, heavy Newes Radio show! It was a lot of fun revisiting the old Rock ’n’ Roll landmarks last month and this month we’re also unveiling a new feature (also under the entertainment tab thingy) called the Newes Room where you’ll find fresher articles about all the stuff Trump does that pisses me off on a weekly basis. When I’m REALLY pissed off (just like The Donald) I turn to Twitter and get all that stuff right off the top of my head, where only my five (dear) followers are the poor souls who must endure that surreal, mini-Hell.

With the Newes Room and Newes Radio, I’m diversifying the brand and the profits, well, they’re just rolling in and *checking my Clarity banking app* let’s just say that the money ain’t for nothin’ and the chicks are free. I’m stretching the truth here (moi?) because every ad and paywall that you encounter on this here website is fake. The products and branding are all real, it’s just not like the advertising you traditionally see on the web because every product on this here blog – everything except my endless rants – are simply links to somewhere else that I suggest you should go. The ads you see are the real products I use, enjoy and support, so no ads for AT&T, (FORCED into pumping their ill-gotten data streams into my digital tank because of where I live) and when I pay my monthly $200+ bill I hold my nose the same as when I fill up my Ford at Mobil. AT&T, Ford and Mobil. Ugh! But Ford builds an affordable, high-performance vehicle and I likes my Fusion. Anti-Semitic, you say? Six cylinders I reply! At least I don’t drive a Porsche, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz (all excellent products, mind you) however sometimes we have no choice in what we must consume and Mobil refines gas, so there you go. When a product is worth the investment, I’m like Trump selling lots of swampland in Florida, yet making money for myself has never been the reason for doing anything (to my mother’s chagrin) so it’s strange, huh? An unabashed capitalist who has *checking Clarity app* barely enough to survive week to week and even though Donald Trump gets me all grouchy every day (usually around 7:45 AM) I’m rich beyond your wildest dreams because I meditate, eat well and practice my stretching techniques before going to sleep at night. My Vera Wang bed handles the rest.

It seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to keep my posts from blathering on and on and on, so management has shunted me off to the break room (um, the Newes Room) to try and keep these articles short, sweet and without double-entendres or cutsie titles. If this is how it’s going to be, I’m already failing my mission. To entice you to keep reading, look for an Easter egg at the end of my first Newes Room report coming soon. I guess that’s it. Feels weird, but that’s all I got! Oh yeah, if you click on our Newes Radio tab, the first play button is our latest, heavy radio show with some rockin’ 70’s tunes! If you listen all the way through, another Easter egg — I’m the DJ! You’ll also find some awesome links on the page to artists referenced in my last post, The Square, Circled on YouTube. Enjoy while you wait for the Mueller Report to drop!

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