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  • SiriusXM Unveils $8 Essential Plan for Consumers Without Cars April 20, 2019
    SiriusXM wants to cater consumers without cars, or cars without compatible stereos, with a new $8 plan for mobile and in-home listening. Dubbed SiriusXM Essential, the plan offers access to 200+ channels featuring the network’s entire music programming, as well comedy, news and select sports channels. Consumers will be able to test the new plan […]
    Janko Rottgers
  • Why John Lithgow Worried About Starring in Broadway’s ‘Hillary and Clinton’ April 20, 2019
    When Lucas Hnath first conceived of “Hillary and Clinton” in 2008, he was writing for and about a very different America. Now, a total reimagining of the show has made its way to Broadway with Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow in the titular roles. At the opening on Thursday night, the cast and creatives talked […]
  • Adam Lambert Back to ‘Idol’ to Mentor Finalists Through Queen’s Catalog April 20, 2019
    Adam Lambert famously launched his career on “American Idol” a decade ago performing a brilliant audition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” He wrapped that amazing eighth season performing with the band on the season finale, and years later earned his current spot as the front man touring as Queen + Adam Lambert. This Sunday, Lambert comes full circle […] […]
  • Beyonce’s Netflix Deal Worth a Whopping $60 Million (EXCLUSIVE) April 19, 2019
    Netflix has become a destination for television visionaries like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy, with deals worth $100 million and $250 million, respectively, and top comedians like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle ($40 million and $60 million, respectively). The streaming giant, which just announced it’s added nearly 10 million subscribers in Q1, is honing in [ […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • Synthplex Conference Draws 2,500 Electronic Music Enthusiasts to Burbank April 19, 2019
    The inaugural SYNTHPLEX Music Conference, held in Burbank on March 28 through 31, drew more than 2,500 electronic music enthusiasts. The confab included performances, lectures and, most importantly, hands-on time with instrument manufacturers — from marquee names like Roland and Elektron down to smaller, more boutique modular companies. Among the highlights […]
    Shirley Halperin
  • ‘Field of Dreams’ Turns 30: Why the Baseball Classic Still Holds a Special Place in America’s Hearts (and Heartland) April 19, 2019
    Humphrey Bogart never said, “Play it again, Sam” in the 1942 Oscar-winning classic “Casablanca.” In fact, no one says it in the movie. And the mysterious voice in the adored 1989 fantasy film “Field of Dreams” does not tell Kevin Costner: “If you build it, they will come.” Released 30 years ago on April 21, […]
    Pat Saperstein
  • J-Pop Stars Perfume Talk Coachella, Influences and Sourdough Bread April 19, 2019
    One of Japan’s most popular groups, Perfume became the first J-Pop act to ever take the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with a performance last weekend. Formed in 2000, the electro-pop trio will do another set at the fest’s Gobi Tent on Sunday. That concert will conclude Perfume’s U.S. tour to promote their album, “Future Pop.” Nocchi [ […]
  • TV News Roundup: Netflix’s ‘Laugh-In’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Sets Premiere Date April 19, 2019
    In today’s TV News roundup, Netflix sets the premiere date for its 50th anniversary special of “Laugh-In.” DATES “Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate,” the 50th anniversary tribute to the original series by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, will premiere on Netflix on May 14. The special, which was taped at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, pays […]
    Jordan Moreau
  • Live+3 Ratings for Week of April 8: NCAA Championship Game Dunks on Competition April 19, 2019
    The final of the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament, in which Virginia triumphed over a spirited Texas Tech team, unsurprisingly finished way out in front in the Live+3 ratings for the week of April 8. Although the sports broadcast’s scripted competition made some gains, its 5.4 ratings still more than doubled that of “Grey’s Anatomy” in […]
    Will Thorne
  • Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Joins Nick Mason at ‘Heart of the Sun’ in Surprise Reunion April 19, 2019
    Fifty years after the release of the Pink Floyd classic “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun,” Roger Waters and Nick Mason reteamed to perform the mini-epic Thursday night at Mason’s show with his band Saucerful of Secrets at the Beacon in New York. And to replace the question “Which one’s Pink?” with […]

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The Laundress Signature Detergent



John Underhill: Boing!

It’s April 1st and spring has sprung! Get your very own paperback edition of the most highly-anticipated book in decades, the Mueller Report (2019). There has never been a more important political investigation than Robert S. Mueller III’s into President Donald Trump’s possible collusion with Russia. His momentous findings can be found here.

April Fools!

Soon, my fellow Americans, soon. Until then, Pre-order the book on Amazon! I hope you also have some free time to drop down the entertainment menu thingy up on the top of this site to listen in to our new, heavy Newes Radio show! It was a lot of fun revisiting the old Rock ’n’ Roll landmarks last month and this month we’re also unveiling a new feature (also under the entertainment tab thingy) called the Newes Room where you’ll find fresher articles about all the stuff Trump does that pisses me off on a weekly basis. When I’m REALLY pissed off (just like The Donald) I turn to Twitter and get all that stuff right off the top of my head, where only my five (dear) followers are the poor souls who must endure that surreal, mini-Hell.

With the Newes Room and Newes Radio, I’m diversifying the brand and the profits, well, they’re just rolling in and *checking my Clarity banking app* let’s just say that the money ain’t for nothin’ and the chicks are free. I’m stretching the truth here (moi?) because every ad and paywall that you encounter on this here website is fake. The products and branding are all real, it’s just not like the advertising you traditionally see on the web because every product on this here blog – everything except my endless rants – are simply links to somewhere else that I suggest you should go. The ads you see are the real products I use, enjoy and support, so no ads for AT&T, (FORCED into pumping their ill-gotten data streams into my digital tank because of where I live) and when I pay my monthly $200+ bill I hold my nose the same as when I fill up my Ford at Mobil. AT&T, Ford and Mobil. Ugh! But Ford builds an affordable, high-performance vehicle and I likes my Fusion. Anti-Semitic, you say? Six cylinders I reply! At least I don’t drive a Porsche, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz (all excellent products, mind you) however sometimes we have no choice in what we must consume and Mobil refines gas, so there you go. When a product is worth the investment, I’m like Trump selling lots of swampland in Florida, yet making money for myself has never been the reason for doing anything (to my mother’s chagrin) so it’s strange, huh? An unabashed capitalist who has *checking Clarity app* barely enough to survive week to week and even though Donald Trump gets me all grouchy every day (usually around 7:45 AM) I’m rich beyond your wildest dreams because I meditate, eat well and practice my stretching techniques before going to sleep at night. My Vera Wang bed handles the rest.

It seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to keep my posts from blathering on and on and on, so management has shunted me off to the break room (um, the Newes Room) to try and keep these articles short, sweet and without double-entendres or cutsie titles. If this is how it’s going to be, I’m already failing my mission. To entice you to keep reading, look for an Easter egg at the end of my first Newes Room report coming soon. I guess that’s it. Feels weird, but that’s all I got! Oh yeah, if you click on our Newes Radio tab, the first play button is our latest, heavy radio show with some rockin’ 70’s tunes! If you listen all the way through, another Easter egg — I’m the DJ! You’ll also find some awesome links on the page to artists referenced in my last post, The Square, Circled on YouTube. Enjoy while you wait for the Mueller Report to drop!

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