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  • Audience Confidence Deepest Concern for U.K. Cinemas in Uncertain Post-Pandemic World, Survey Finds September 17, 2021
    Audience confidence and increasing audiences are both venues’ deepest concern and greatest priority over the next one to three years, a survey has found. A new survey from the U.K.’s Independent Cinema Office on the continuing impact of COVID-19 across the independent cinema sector has revealed a state of uncertainty, with the deepest concern of […] […]
    Naman Ramachandran
  • Sitges Film Festival and Filmarket Hub Unveil Finalists for 2021 Sitges Pitchbox September 17, 2021
    Barcelona-based digital marketplace Filmarket Hub and Catalonia’s Sitges Festival have unveiled this year’s lineups for the Sitgest Pitchbox, an international pitching event focused on genre feature films and series currently in development. This year’s event will run Oct. 8 – 15 as part of the larger industry activities at the Sitges Film Festival. Reps fro […]
    Jamie Lang
  • Venice Winner ‘El Gran Movimiento’ Picked up for U.K. Distribution by Sovereign (EXCLUSIVE) September 17, 2021
    Sovereign Film Distribution has acquired U.K. and Ireland rights to “El Gran Movimiento,” which won the special jury prize at the Venice Film Festival Horizons strand. Sovereign is planning a theatrical release in 2022. Following its world premiere at Venice, the film will be screening at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, where it is […] […]
    Naman Ramachandran
  • Spain’s Film Factory Closes Germany on Iciar Bollaín’s ‘Maixabel,’ in San Sebastian Competition (EXCLUSIVE) September 17, 2021
    Vicente Canales’ Film Factory Entertainment has sold Icíar Bollaín’s San Sebastian Festival-bound Basque reconciliation drama “Maixabel” to Germany, striking a deal with Berlin-based distributor Piffl Medien. The film is set to make its theatrical release in Spain on Sept. 24 via Buena Vista Intl. World premiering in San Sebastian’s main competition this wee […]
    John Hopewell
  • Lea Seydoux Starrer ‘France’ Lures Major Buyers for Indie Sales (EXCLUSIVE) September 17, 2021
    Indie Sales has scored a flurry of deals on Bruno Dumont’s “France,” with Lea Seydoux, which world premiered in competition at Cannes and played at Toronto. Dumont’s eleventh feature film, “France” stars Seydoux as France, a glamorous TV star journalist juggling a primetime news show and a chaotic family life. Her frantic high-profile world is […] […]
  • Thomas Augsberger’s Eden Rock Media Launches ERM Docs with ‘Reinventing Mirazur’ (EXCLUSIVE) September 17, 2021
    Los Angeles-based producer Thomas Augsberger is launching ERM Docs, a new documentary division at his Eden Rock Music label whose first title, “Reinventing Mirazur,” will world premiere at the San Sebastian Festival. A portrait of the extraordinary daring of Argentine-born chef Mauro Colagreco whose three Michelin star restaurant, Mirazur, on France’s Medite […]
    John Hopewell
  • Netflix Unveils New Italian Originals as Elena Ferrante Series Begins Shoot With Valeria Golino in Cast September 17, 2021
    Netflix is moving forward with its Elena Ferrante series adaptation, “The Lying Life of Adults,” which will start shooting in Naples in October with Neapolitan helmer Edoardo De Angelis (“Indivisible”) directing and Valeria Golino playing a prominent role. “Lying Life of Adults” leads a slate of Netflix Italian original series projects — several of which […] […]
  • ‘The Morning Show’ Season 2 Is Addicted to the Plot Twist: TV Review September 17, 2021
    The first season of “The Morning Show” ended in an explosion; the new one begins, as the experienced TV viewer might expect, with characters picking up the pieces. But that’s about the only thing that’s predictable this time around. When, at the end of the flawed but increasingly compelling first season, Jennifer Aniston’s Alex Levy […]
  • Lionsgate Play Streaming Platform Launched in Malaysia September 17, 2021
    Lionsgate Play, the streaming service operated by Lionsgate-owned Starz, has launched in Malaysia, a fast-growing middle-income market in Southeast Asia. The service is being launched at a price point of RM19.90 per month ($4.77). Telekom Malaysia (Unifi TV) subscribers will be able to access Lionsgate Play at RM14.90 ($3.57) per month, and its premium subsc […]
    Patrick Frater
  • Lil Nas X Drops the Mask on a Strikingly Personal ‘Montero’: Album Review September 17, 2021
    Whether he’s posting fake pregnancy photos or courting controversy with eye-popping visuals, Lil Nas X’s mastery of viral marketing is peerless. In some ways, however, the music has felt like an afterthought. On his debut album, “Montero,” Nas corrects that oversight. He digs deeper lyrically, opening up about the loneliness of growing up gay and […] […]
    Chris Willman

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  • Chanthu to produce days of tropical rainfall, raise flood risk in South Korea and Japan September 15, 2021
    After losing wind intensity and spinning just off the coast of China over the East China Sea for the last few days, AccuWeather forecasters say Chanthu is set to continue its long-lasting journey and impact portions of South Korea and Japan through the end of the week. Chanthu has amassed quite the track record and...
  • Brrrr! Last days of summer to bring first snow for some out west September 15, 2021
    A large storm with drenching rain is brewing over the Pacific Ocean, and it has eyes for the northwestern United States, which is in need of rain, AccuWeather meteorologists say. Much lower temperatures will follow, and some residents in the West may see their first snow of the season during the very last days of...
  • Tropical storm could develop over open waters of Atlantic September 16, 2021
    In Nicholas’ wake, the Atlantic is still brimming with activity. On top of a developing threat close to the United States, AccuWeather forecasters say there’s another system that has a high chance of developing in the coming days. And beyond that, new threats were also on their radar. A tropical wave located about 1,100 miles...
  • Next tropical storm of 2021 season on the horizon September 16, 2021
    AccuWeather forecasters continued to watch a budding tropical system, dubbed Invest 96L by the National Hurricane Center, off the East Coast of the United States on Thursday, and they say it could become the next tropical depression or storm of the season at any time through the rest of the week. Although it is expected...
  • SpaceX launch creates mesmerizing clouds over East Coast September 16, 2021
    Excitement filled the air at Cape Canaveral, Florida, as four people sat atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket destined for space. The clock hit zero, the engines roared to life and the passengers were in for the ride of their lives. Sian Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux, Jared Isaacman and Christopher Sembroski lifted off from Florida shortly...
  • Wrestling superstar rescues child from powerful rip current September 16, 2021
    Former WWE star Al Snow’s wrestling glory days may be over, but on his vacation down in Florida, Snow entered the ring one more time to save a young boy’s life. Snow was on vacation in Destin, Florida, with his wife when Tropical Storm Mindy hit, bringing gusty winds and downpours to the Destin area....
  • Severe storms to slice through unseasonable warmth in Upper Midwest September 16, 2021
    An expansive line of thunderstorms is expected to develop late Thursday afternoon or Thursday evening, across parts of the steamy Upper Midwest, according to AccuWeather meteorologists. “A cold front will spark the development of some severe thunderstorms Thursday afternoon into Thursday evening across eastern South Dakota, Minnesota and down into parts of n […]
  • A volcano that created 'one of the best climates in the world' June 15, 2021
    Poor weather can ruin vacation plans made months in advance, but one group of islands is world-famous in part due to the pristine, mild weather that it offers year-round. Spain's Canary Islands are located just off the coast of northwestern Africa and are among the most popular travel destinations for Europeans looking to spend a...
  • 17-year-old future founding father wrote gripping letter on extreme weather September 10, 2020
    Nearly 250 years ago, a 17-year-old office clerk named Alexander Hamilton looked out across the devastation unleashed by a powerful hurricane on the small northeastern Caribbean island of St. Croix. The buildings had been leveled, the people scared and shaken. Several people had lost their lives, others left without homes. For whatever reason, the smell...
  • Tropical trouble lurks for parts of East Coast September 14, 2021
    AccuWeather forecasters say an area of showers and thunderstorms northeast of the Bahamas is likely to become a tropical depression or storm in the next couple of days. The feature, dubbed 96L by the National Hurricane Center (NHC), may approach North Carolina on Thursday and Thursday night, bringing with it the potential for some heavy squalls and...

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