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  • Tropical storm warning issued for parts of Gulf Coast June 17, 2021
    A tropical storm warning was issued late Thursday afternoon for much of the U.S. Gulf Coast as AccuWeather meteorologists continue to closely scrutinize what the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has dubbed Potential Tropical Cyclone Three. The system was moving over the western Gulf of Mexico to the north at 9 mph, and had sustained winds...
  • 22-year drought is drying up America's largest reservoir June 16, 2021
    With water levels at the nation’s largest reservoir hitting an all-time low, officials are preparing for what that could mean for the region’s water supply. Cradled between Nevada and Arizona, Lake Mead has the potential to hold an impressive 26.12 million acre-feet of water, earning itself the title of largest reservoir in the United States...
  • Relentless monsoon rainfall produces deadly flooding in Bhutan, forces dramatic rescues in Nepal June 16, 2021
    Heavy rainfall triggered severe flash flooding in the south Asian nations of Bhutan and Nepal Wednesday, killing 10 and injuring five in Bhutan, while leaving at least seven people missing in Nepal. Heavy monsoon rainfall that arrived over parts of northeastern India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan late last week persisted throughout the weekend. Residents in. […]
  • City blanketed by snowfall for 1st time in 14 years June 17, 2021
    For the first time in 14 years, temperatures fell enough for snow to fall in Córdoba, the city located in central Argentina, and residents ventured outdoors to enjoy the once-in-a-decade snowfall. Residents in Córdoba, the capital city of the province of the same name, took to the streets late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning...
  • Severe weather hazards to threaten Ohio Valley through end of week June 17, 2021
    AccuWeather meteorologists will be monitoring portions of the Midwest for severe thunderstorms in the upcoming days, as the threat from Thursday will shift farther south and east on Friday. Multiple thunderstorms impacted western Iowa with high winds Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, a much larger area will be at risk into Thursday night, and wind may not...
  • Massive cloud of dust sweeps across Atlantic, heads toward US June 16, 2021
    Radiant sunsets are in the forecast for parts of Florida thanks in part to a weather pattern currently underway across another continent. Dust kicked up across the Sahara Desert and carried by trade winds has been pouring off the coast of Africa in recent weeks and floating clear across the Atlantic Ocean toward the Caribbean...
  • Mercury soars to 125 at Death Valley amid scorching heat wave June 15, 2021
    As an intense and record-breaking heat wave continues to roast the American West, the highest temperature occurred on Wednesday at the lowest point in North America: Death Valley. By Wednesday evening, high temperatures in Death Valley, California, pushed to 125 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, with an AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature of […]
  • AccuWeather forecasters predict two-faced June in Midwest June 15, 2021
    June started off on a scorching note for the Midwest and was marked by searing stretches of 90-degree days with AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures frequently climbing into the 100s over a large portion of the north-central United States. However, for those that mind the heat, AccuWeather meteorologists have some good news. Temperatures are expected to swing. […]
  • Temperature roller coaster continues in Northeast as summer looms June 16, 2021
    Cooler weather during the next several days may have some Northeast residents looking to grab a hooded sweatshirt or jacket only days ahead of the official start of summer. Across some interior areas, the cooler, refreshing air settled in on Tuesday, producing below-normal temperatures in spots. For example, Pittsburgh only reached 75 degrees Fahrenheit comp […]
  • Is the hurricane forecast cone outdated? Major changes on the horizon June 17, 2021
    One of the most distinguishing images of the annual hurricane season is the classic forecast cone map. As a storm brews, millions of people rush to see the latest cone map in the days ahead of its forecast arrival. But do those millions of people understand what they’re looking at? Potentially not. And for that...

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  • Southeasterners Perceive Tornado Risk Dangerously Different Than They Should, Especially at Night
    While a major winter storm last month was plastering the United States from Texas and New Mexico to New England with heavy snow and ice, volatile conditions in the Southeast (SE) spawned damaging and deadly tornadoes. One of these overnight Monday, February 16, tragically took the lives of 3 people and injured 10 in coastal […]
  • The 101st AMS Annual Meeting: Find Your (Virtual) Pathways of Major Themes
    We’re on the verge of the first ever all-virtual AMS Annual Meeting—yet another milestone in a time of milestones, but nonetheless our 101st Annual Meeting. And like all of the mega-gatherings AMS has held for the weather, water, and climate community in the past, this coming week (starting Sunday, January 10th), promises many opportunities to […]
  • AMS Annual Meeting: Choose Your Own (Virtual) Pathway. Part 5: Community Engagement
    As we mentioned in the first post in this series of potential “Virtual” Pathways through the rich AMS Annual Meeting program of parallel conferences, this year’s overarching theme is especially powerful: “Strengthening engagement with communities through our science and services.”  This is a statement of needs, accomplishments, and future priorities all in one. After the […]
  • AMS Annual Meeting: Choose Your Own (Virtual) Pathway. Part 4: Social Justice
    After a year of substantial social injustice-fueled upheavals, the 101st AMS Annual Meeting builds on social justice themes all week and you could make social justice the theme of you own virtual programming, picking and choosing your way through the sessions if you’re so inclined, right from the centerpiece Presidential Forum on Sunday, “Building a […]
  • Annual Meeting: Choose Your Own (Virtual) Pathway. Part 3: Pandemic Topics
    Often our Annual Meeting week feels like a chance to get away from some of the day-to-day issues of work to focus on exchanging scientific ideas with colleagues. This year, the AMS Annual Meeting is a virtual gathering, however, so there’s little chance any of us will escape entirely the everyday concerns of COVID-19 this […]
  • Annual Meeting: Choose Your Own (Virtual) Path- way. Part 2: Weather Extremes and Climate Change
    As we noted in the previous blog post, there are multiple ways to navigate an AMS Annual Meeting, even though we’re usually channeled into separate rooms devoted to parallel conferences, each focused on an area of specialization. But this year’s all-virtual conference, during the coming week, offers unusual prospects for hopping from conference to conference, […]
  • The 101st AMS Annual Meeting: Find Your (Virtual) Pathway of Major Themes
    We’re on the verge of the first ever all-virtual AMS Annual Meeting—yet another milestone in a time of milestones, but nonetheless our 101st Annual Meeting. And like all of the mega-gatherings AMS has held for the weather, water, and climate community in the past, this coming week (starting Sunday, January 10th), promises many opportunities to […]
  • Not Just in Their Heads: New Research Confirms Connection Between Weather and Chronic Pain
    Stormy weather increases pain. That fact is actually good news for people suffering from chronic pain whose complaints are often dismissed by family, their friends, and even their doctors. Speaking, and likely complaining, about the effect of weather on their pain for millennia, chronic pain sufferers finally have a large-scale scientific study to back up […]
  • An Anticipated Increase in Earth’s Strongest Storms
    A little more than two weeks ago, Supertyphoon Goni blasted ashore in the Philippines with top sustained winds of 195 mph, becoming the strongest landfalling tropical cyclone on record. It topped STY Haiyan’s 190 mph land strike just seven years ago. With Hurricane Iota in the Caribbean explosively intensifying 100 mph in under 24 hours […]
  • We May Be Able to Further Improve Hurricane Track Forecasts After All
    Zeta blossomed into the 11th hurricane of this hyperactive season Monday and its forecast track takes it ashore on the Gulf Coast by midweek. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Monday said computer models had become more tightly clustered with the forecast in the Gulf, “resulting in an increase in track-forecast confidence,” and Hurricane Zeta […]

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