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  • Storm will pack a punch in northeastern US as April begins March 30, 2023
    The same storm that brought a major outbreak of severe weather and damaging winds to the central United States on Friday will be no slouch in the East into Saturday evening. AccuWeather meteorologists warn that high winds, severe thunderstorms and downpours could make outdoor plans challenging, if not dangerous, as well as potentially cause power...
  • Powerful April blizzard to unfold across northern Plains next week March 31, 2023
    Another blockbuster storm that will unload heavy snow and stir up strong winds is likely to evolve into a full-fledged blizzard and significantly impact travel next week across a large portion of the northern Plains, according to AccuWeather forecasters. Numerous wintry storms have plagued the north-central United States over the past several weeks and month […]
  • Severe weather, tornado threat already brewing for first week of April in central US March 31, 2023
    AccuWeather meteorologists have already begun to sound the alarm to alert people about a major outbreak of severe weather that will include a number of tornadoes next week over much of the same parts of the central United States that endured destructive weather to end this past week. Another storm is forecast to journey across...
  • January-like cold to spill across West during 1st week of April April 1, 2023
    Residents across the Western states may be double-checking their calendars early in the new week as a burst of cold air sends temperatures tumbling to potentially record low levels. AccuWeather meteorologists say for some across the interior, the shivering will be accompanied by heavy snow. After a relentless barrage of storms in California over the...
  • Deadly tornadoes produce catastrophic damage across Midwest, South April 1, 2023
    Several large and destructive tornadoes tore through multiple states in the South and Midwest on Friday, prompting several tornado emergencies and the evacuation of one National Weather Service office. At least 18 fatalities have been reported across four states as of Saturday morning. One death was reported in Belvidere, Illinois, located about 70 miles to. […]
  • Over 85 million people in central US at risk of severe weather outbreak March 29, 2023
    At least 15 states will be at risk of an outbreak of violent thunderstorms that will unleash everything from damaging winds to tornadoes on Friday, AccuWeather meteorologists warn. The area highlighted by forecasters is a massive swath of the country that extends from Texas to Alabama in the South to areas farther north such as Wisconsin and...
  • April astronomy events include parade of planets, return of meteor showers March 31, 2023
    The weather is becoming more conducive for comfortable stargazing across North America with temperatures gradually rising as spring progresses. The new month will have plenty of night sky events for folks to enjoy. April also marks one year until the next total solar eclipse over the United States, which could be even more impressive than...
  • Mississippi tornado survivors recount vital moments of taking shelter March 31, 2023
    Darien McGee had been heading to the bathroom when winds akin to “a force of God” knocked him to the ground. The EF4 tornado that struck Rolling Fork, Mississippi, on March 24 roared overhead, tearing McGee’s house to rubble. “It was like a force of God. The same force that came through here is the...
  • Blizzard conditions, dangerous travel expected as snowstorm targets north-central US March 30, 2023
    A powerful, cross-country storm will bring another round of snow and gusty winds to the northern Plains and Upper Midwest late this week and into this weekend, according to AccuWeather forecasters. The combination of strong winds and heavy snow will reduce visibility for a time in many areas and may produce dangerous blizzard conditions from...
  • MLB season is here: Experts warn lightning is a danger at games March 30, 2023
    Spring is fully underway across the United States, although it might not feel like it in some locations. And to the delight of baseball fans, the unofficial holiday, also known as opening day for Major League Baseball, is upon us. All 30 teams will take the field on Thursday to play the first games of...


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