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  • Facebook May Ban Political Advertising July 11, 2020
    Facebook is considering a prohibition on political ads on its platforms, according to multiple media reports. If the social media giant made such a move, it would be a significant about-face to the company’s long-held laissez-faire approach to political ads and political speech more broadly, coming just months ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections. Facebook […] […]
    Todd Spangler
  • ‘White Noise’: Film Review July 11, 2020
    In “White Noise,” Daniel Lombroso’s lively and disturbing documentary portrait of three alt-right influencers, there’s a riveting scene in which Richard Spencer, a rock star of white nationalism who talks like a noodgy corporate assistant and has meticulous gelled hair that’s supposed to be his designer version of a Hitler fade (though Hitler didn’t have […] […]
    Owen Gleiberman
  • Sara Bareilles on Using TV’s ‘Little Voice’ to ‘Watch a Young Writer Metabolize Her World Through Song’ July 11, 2020
    It was a different blend of sugar, butter and flour that went into “Little Voice,” the Apple TV Plus series that is singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles’ first try at helping cook up a musically based narrative since the smashing success that was Broadway’s “Waitress.” The series, which debuts this weekend, reunites her with Jessie Nelson, who […] […]
  • AMC Announces Debt Deal to Keep Theater Chain Afloat July 10, 2020
    AMC Theatres reached a debt agreement on Friday that could help the heavily leveraged exhibition chain avoid or at least forestall a liquidity crisis. Under the deal, Silver Lake Group will purchase $100 million in first lien notes, adding to the $600 million in convertible bonds that it already holds in AMC. The company, which is […]
  • Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s Emotional ‘Red Table Talk’ Demonstrates Their Business Savvy (Column) July 10, 2020
    There’s hardly been a more charged, fascinating moment in TV this summer than Jada Pinkett Smith sitting at her famed Red Table with her husband, Will Smith, to talk about their marriage like never before. In the 25 years they’ve been married, Pinkett Smith in particular has cultivated a brand borne of her willingness to […]
    Caroline Framke
  • ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’s’ Momona Tamada on Playing Asian American Pop Culture Icon Claudia Kishi July 10, 2020
    For many Asian Americans who grew up reading “The Baby-Sitters Club” book series in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Claudia Kishi is something of a pop culture icon, so much so that she’s the center of a new Netflix documentary, “The Claudia Kishi Club.” But Momona Tamada, 13, who stars as Kishi in the streaming platform’s […]
  • Palm Springs Film Festival Moved Back to February, 2021 July 10, 2020
    Organizers of the Palm Springs International Film Festival have announced that the 32nd edition of the event has been pushed back nearly two months to run from Feb. 25 through March 8. The festival, which had been set to open on Jan. 7, said, “The date change is to ensure the health and safety of our […]
    Dave McNary
  • L.A.’s Little-Known John A. Van Pelt Estate Comes to Market July 10, 2020
    Do you have a hankering for a place with Egyptian hieroglyphics, an anchor from Jack London’s boat and a meat locker? Look no further! For the first time in 45 years, the historic and strange John A. Van Pelt Estate is on the market. A sprawling compound of five whimsical storybook houses situated on 2 […]
  • Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli Sell Bel Air Mansion to Tinder Co-Founder July 10, 2020
    As their looming sentencing date fast approaches, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli are cutting ties to their current neighborhood in L.A.’s posh Bel Air area. In addition to resigning from the exclusive Bel-Air Country Club, the couple’s nearby mansion is also in escrow to be sold, sources say. The buyer is Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, a […] […]
  • Naya Rivera Search Scaled Down Amid Difficult Diving Conditions July 10, 2020
    The search for “Glee” star Naya Rivera continues on Lake Piru in Ventura County, Calif., but searchers have scaled back operations amid difficult conditions underwater. Rivera went missing after renting a boat with her 4-year-old son on Wednesday afternoon. After she did not return to the rental stand on time, workers found her boat on […]

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  • Window closing for Cristina to become seasons 1st hurricane July 7, 2020
    Despite forming several days ago and spending several days over the open waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, AccuWeather forecasters say the window for Tropical Storm Cristina to emerge as the first hurricane of 2020 in the Western Hemisphere is closing. As of Friday night, local time, the storm was located well away from land, about 485...
  • Fay makes landfall along Jersey coast, heads for New England July 10, 2020
    Tropical Storm Fay made landfall 10 miles north-northeast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, just before 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 10. The storm had weakened some from earlier in the day, its sustained winds dropping from 60 to 50-mph and moving at a forward speed of 14 mph as it made landfall, according to...
  • Severe storms to erupt over Plains yet again on Saturday July 10, 2020
    After portions of the High Plains were battered by large hail and isolated instances of damaging winds on Friday, meteorologists are closely monitoring another threat that is likely to occur across a swath of the Plains into the mid-Mississippi River Valley on Saturday. While conditions over the Plains were generally quiet during the first part...
  • Scorching heat wave to intensify across southwestern US July 9, 2020
    A brutal heat wave that has been baking the southwestern United States this week is forecast to ramp up in intensity in the coming days, causing many locations already sweltering to experience warmth well above normal, with temperature readings at 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The dangerous heat has caused excessive heat warnings to be...
  • Drenching storms to proceed stifling heat in northeastern US following Fay July 10, 2020
    As Fay lifts northward with its drenching downpours into Atlantic Canada this weekend, a period of temperate conditions with shower and thunderstorm activity is forecast to precede a surge of heat for the coming week. While Fay will continue to cause urban and flash flood issues on Saturday over parts of eastern New York state...
  • Daily coronavirus briefing: 'Worst is yet to come,' team of medical experts warns July 9, 2020
    The coronavirus pandemic altered life as humans knew it in 2020, and as much of the world starts to examine how and when to resume daily activities, it’s clear that there are many challenges to overcome before normal daily life can resume in full. The outbreak, which originated in late 2019 in Wuhan, China, officially...
  • Clear skies to greet most stargazers for upcoming Jupiter opposition July 10, 2020
    The biggest planet in the solar system will make its closest approach to Earth on Monday night, giving stargazers of all ages something to spot after the sun sets. Comet NEOWISE has stolen the spotlight recently and will start to appear in the evening sky by midweek, but stargazers may also want to step outside...
  • Over 60 killed in severe flooding in Japan, with threat of 'unprecedented level' of rain still to come July 6, 2020
    The death toll continued to rise Friday on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan as tens of thousands of workers continued rescue and recovery efforts after flooding downpours inundated the region. On Wednesday afternoon, local time, The New York Times reported that at least 58 people had been confirmed dead across the country, many...
  • Flooding continues to wreak havoc across China, including in Wuhan July 9, 2020
    This has been one of the wettest flood seasons in about a generation for parts of China as widespread flooding, landslides and high rivers continue to ravage parts of the country, and more rounds of flooding rainfall are in the forecast. After a period of heavy rain early Wednesday morning, a hillside in Huangmei County,...
  • Lightning deaths top 150 in one India state in less than 2 weeks July 8, 2020
    Just one state of India has accounted for more than 150 lightning deaths in just 14 days. The state of Bihar, nestled between Bangladesh and southern Nepal, is one of the poorest states in all of India and has been inundated with rounds of rain and thunderstorms since the last week of June. The AFP...

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  • “LASSO” It for Science
    Observations and models–that’s often an uneasy relationship. It’s not always easy to find the common ground needed to turn observations into model input and then models themselves into physically realistic output consistent with those observations. DOE’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program is trying to pull observing and modeling—ranging over vast time and space scales—tighter together, into effective bundles of […]
  • July 4 Fireworks: Spectacular on Weather Radar, Too
    Many of us will not be seeing fireworks this Independence Day, due to coronavirus restrictions and local ordinances. But one way to make up for not seeing festive explosions of color and fire in person this year might be to see what they look like…on weather radar.   In “Fireworks on Weather Radar and Camera,” published recently […]
  • Melting Snow and Other Surprises on Mt. Everest
        Despite freezing temperatures, snow is melting on Mount Everest. That’s just one finding in a recent study of weather data provided by a new network of five automated weather stations on Earth’s tallest mountain. The network includes two of the highest altitude weather stations on Earth, Balcony Station at 8,430 m (~27,658 ft) […]
  • Ozone Transport to the San Joaquin Valley
    Uncontrollable sources of ozone from stratospheric intrusions, wildfires, and intercontinental transport are complicating efforts in California to further reduce this pollutant, which is particularly harmful to our health. Scientists measured daily fluctuations in ozone in the air across Northern and Central California in 2016 during a coordinated field campaign known as the California Baseline Ozone Transport Study. They […]
  • The Observationalist
    Editor’s note:  Whether you’re in isolation or reemerging, we hope this guest column feels like a perfectly meteorological way to reconnect with the world. Read Mike’s full blog post here and more of his photos here. Above: Corona and wave clouds. by H. Michael Mogil, CCM, CBM First there was “The Mentalist,” the hit CBS series that focused on Patrick Jane’s (played by Simon […]
  • Intuitive Metric for Deadly Tropical Cyclone Rains
    With hurricanes moving more slowly and climate models projecting increasing rain rates, scientists have been grappling with how to effectively convey the resulting danger of extreme rains from these more intense, slow-moving storms. Flooding rainfall already is the most deadly hazard from tropical cyclones (TCs), which include hurricanes and tropical storms. Yet the widely recognized […]
  • Red Proverb at Morning, Meteorologists Take Warning
    Weather proverbs can be useful indicators of real correlations observed over the centuries, but they can also show unwelcome persistence. The phenomenon is well known: for example, a December 1931 BAMS article referred to a Columbia University study that revealed most high school students had heard the proverb, “When squirrels gather an unusual supply of nuts, it indicates a severe winter”—and […]
  • When Hurricanes Become Machines…or Monsters
    Officially, the Atlantic season is almost upon us. The season of tropical storms and hurricanes, yes, but more to the point, the season of heat-seeking machines and relentless monsters. At least, that’s the metaphorical language of broadcast meteorologists when confronted with catastrophic threats like Hurricane Harvey in Houston in 2017. A new analysis in BAMS […]
  • Active Hurricane Seasons: Maybe For 2020, But Not Necessarily in a Warmer Future
    For a fifth consecutive year, NOAA is forecasting an above-average number of tropical cyclones (TCs) in the Atlantic, with 13-19 named storms expected in 2020. The number of TCs includes both tropical storms and hurricanes. This is in line with recent hurricane season forecasts by The Weather Channel, Penn State, Tropical Storm Risk, and others. […]
  • New Assessment Is Confident Global Warming Brings Stronger, Wetter Tropical Cyclones
    Even with a modest amount of global warming, future hurricanes will become nastier. They’ll push ashore higher storm surges, grow into superstorms like Hurricanes Dorian and Irma more often, and unleash inundating rains similar to Hurricanes Harvey and Florence more frequently. That’s the assessment of published, peer-reviewed research in the past decade, according to an […]

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