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  • Future Hurricanes a Bit Stronger and Slower, but Much Wetter in a Warmer Climate
    It’s been more than 8 months. Since Maria. Irma before. And Harvey before that. For many who endured them, it was yesterday. And here we are at the start of another hurricane season. What can we expect? It is nearly indisputable that there will be hurricanes. NOAA’s forecast issued last week calls for 5-9 of […]
  • Lubchenco: Let’s “Embed” Science in Society
    In a “post-truth” world of contemporary politics and culture, “it’s easy to assume that science is really in trouble and everything is bad,” said Jane Lubchenco in her James R. Mahoney Memorial Lecture in Washington, D.C., last month. In fact, science does have its image problems: most people don’t interact with science and don’t know scientists. A recent study […]
  • Your AMS Community Online
    by Jordan Stillman, AMS Community Coordinator After a successful soft launch to AMS board and committee members this past winter, the AMS will be opening up our new online platform, AMS Community, to all AMS members as a new member benefit this May. The goal of the AMS Community is to enhance communication and improve […]
  • Small-scale Vortices Enhanced Winds and Damage in Hurricane Harvey
    Severe but highly variable wind damage to homes & infrastructure is a hallmark of intense tropical cyclones. Until recently there was only speculation that such damage, which appears in short swaths, was the work of tornadoes. Now, there’s first-ever proof that tornadoes and other small-scale phenomena did indeed enhance the winds and damage in Hurricane […]
  • Mentoring365 and You!
    by Tanja Fransen, AMS Councilor and Mentoring Program Ad-Hoc Committee Chair AMS has a wealth of talent and we’d love to see more of our members signed up for the Mentoring 365 program as mentees, mentors–maybe both!  We should never stop learning. When I started in college and early in my career, I hadn’t even heard […]
  • Satellites Capture Weather History in the Making
    Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 16, now GOES-East, became operational in December and this eye in the sky is capturing stunning color weather imagery daily. Today, it’s the third nor’easter in two weeks explosively developing into a blizzard off the Northeast Coast.   Following on the heels of the deadly and damaging storm of March 2, […]
  • There’s That Word Again: “Bomb”
    It’s like the word du jour. Or, more accurately, THE word du storm. It seemed like every time this winter that a big East Coast storm—a significant nor’easter—looked impending in computer models, the media hype machine cranked out the word “Bomb.” Or “bomb cyclone.” And here it is again: “Destructive Nor’easter Emerging; Expected to ‘Bomb […]
  • Epic Blizzards Paralyzed New England, Midwest 40 Years Ago
    By Chris Cappella, AMS It began with a whisper. And ended in smothered silence for millions.     I’ll never forget seeing tiny snowflakes blowing down Ocean Avenue in our small sea-side suburb of New Haven. In my hometown of West Haven, on the south shore of central Connecticut overlooking Long Island Sound, when snow […]
  • It Used to Be “Inadvertent Climate Modification,” Too
    AMS Executive Director Keith Seitter sent a letter today to President Trump. It begins, In an interview with Piers Morgan on Britain’s ITV News that aired Sunday, 28 January, you stated, among other comments: “There is a cooling, and there’s a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to […]
  • Pathways from Meteorology–Political, Commercial, Personal
    The path from good science to good societal decisions is the central paradigm not only of the scientist’s perspective on how to impact the world, but also to the public’s faith in science itself. It also turns out to be a path of personal growth as well. There’s a whole genre of attempts to depict these connections between science and its usage. One […]

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