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Top Crime News provided by TMZ©

  • Dallas Cowboys' Legend's Son Arrested In Double Murder Case
    The son of Dallas Cowboys legend Erik Williams has been arrested in connection with a double murder in Texas, TMZ Sports has learned.  20-year-old Cassius Shakembe Williams -- along with another man -- have been arrested and each charged… Permalink
  • 'Bachelorette' Star Connor Obrochta Fires Warning Shot at Lincoln Adim
    [[tmz:video id="0_9zbbm2ng"]] Connor Obrochta from "The Bachelorette" wants his fellow contestant Lincoln Adim's attention ... so he can tell him to stay the hell away from Becca Kufrin and the rest of her suitors when they reunite for the… Permalink
  • Suge Knight Not Allowed to Leave Jail to Attend Mom's Funeral
    Suge Knight's chances of getting out of jail to attend his mother's funeral have dwindled down to about zero ... because rules are rules. We spoke to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department who tells us Suge can't get his hands on a "get out of jail free"… Permalink
  • Meek Mill in Court for New Face-Off with Judge to Get New Trial
    [[tmz:video id="0_4pai8xso"]] 1:00 PM PT -- Meek and his attorneys spoke outside the courthouse. Meek said he had low expectations going into the hearing, and Judge Brinkley didn't disappoint. His attorney, Joe Tacopina was less subtle ... describing… Permalink
  • Erik Kramer's Wife Claims Ex-QB Is On 'Manhunt' Looking to Kill Her
    The wife of ex-NFL quarterback Erik Kramer told police her husband snapped and physically abused her on June 13 ... and now she's afraid he's a on a "manhunt" to end her life.  Kramer -- who played in the NFL from '87 to '99 -- was arrested at his… Permalink
  • Ed Werder Accuses Sports Illustrated Writer of Sexism Against Men
    Ex-ESPN reporter Ed Werder is calling out a Sports Illustrated writer -- claiming her hiring practices are completely unfair ... because she's discriminating against MEN.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Here's the deal ... SI tweeted out an ad… Permalink
  • Tekashi69 Under Investigation for Role in Chief Keef Shooting
    Cops are taking a hard look at Tekashi69 to see what, if any, role he played in the events leading up to the attempted shooting of Chief Keef ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources say NYPD wants to see if Tekashi has any… Permalink
  • Claudia Jordan: Suge Knight Should Be Let Out to Attend Mom's Funeral
    [[tmz:video id="0_hlrd4j5r"]] Claudia Jordan's adamant the criminal justice system has had its faults ... so it's only right Suge Knight get let out of jail at LEAST so he can attend his mother's funeral. We got the former 'Real… Permalink
  • Talent Agent Tyler Grasham Dodges Sexual Assault Charges
    Talent agent Tyler Grasham will not face any charges in his sexual assault case being reviewed by the L.A. City Attorney's Office ... TMZ has learned.  We broke the story ... the L.A. County District Attorney's Office had already rejected 4… Permalink
  • Conor McGregor Takes Family Rowboating in Central Park
    Conor McGregor is sticking to his family-friendly tour of NYC ... and this time he kicked his Dad skills up a notch. Conor was spotted rowing away from The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park Saturday with his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, and their cute son,… Permalink
  • Lil Scrappy's Friend Explains Why He Lawyered Up After Car Wreck
    [[tmz:video id="0_44j5tecp"]] Lil Scrappy's passenger who suffered horrible injuries in their recent car accident wants to set the record straight -- he's NOT a vengeful friend out for money. Ca$ino Roulette tells us the reason he hired a lawyer is… Permalink
  • Carl the Janitor from 'Breakfast Club' Sued for Elder Financial Abuse
    The actor who played Carl the Janitor on "The Breakfast Club" allegedly used his acting powers for evil ... persuading an elderly woman to fork over $75k over an 11-year period. John Kapelos -- who also appeared in "Sixteen Candles," "Weird Science" and… Permalink
  • Charlie Sheen Says Alleged Victim in HIV Suit Happily Signed NDA
    Charlie Sheen claims the woman suing him for exposing her to HIV is flat-out lying about being forced into signing an NDA -- and, instead, says she was desperate to spend time with him. According to new docs, Sheen denies there was any coercion on… Permalink
  • Kellen Winslow Threatened to Murder Rape Victims, Officials Say
    [[tmz:video id="0_jcudu9u8"]] Kellen Winslow Jr. threatened to murder BOTH of the women he raped if they spoke to anyone about the incidents ... this according to prosecutors.  The ex-NFL star just appeared in court -- in shackles --… Permalink
  • Kellen Winslow Jr. Targeted and Raped Elderly Women, Officials Say
    Kellen Winslow Jr. allegedly raped at least 2 women in their 50s -- and tried to rape at least two more, including an 86-year-old woman ... this according to law enforcement.  As we previously reported, Winslow was arrested Thursday for… Permalink
  • Logan Paul Files Restraining Against Home Intruder
    4:42 PM PT -- According to court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Speight continued to show up at Logan's house, with the most recent incident happening last week. Speight allegedly rang Logan's doorbell and told Paul's security he was "The Antichrist,… Permalink
  • Teresa and Joe Giudice Out of Bankruptcy
    Teresa and Joe Giudice are getting the boot ... from bankruptcy court ... TMZ has learned. According to docs, the judge in their bankruptcy case has dismissed the matter. The 'RHONJ' stars aren't completely out of debt yet, but they're close. The… Permalink
  • Ed Sheeran Defends His 'Thinking Out Loud' in 'Let's Get It On' Lawsuit
    Ed Sheeran not only thinks the claim he ripped off a Marvin Gaye classic is total rubbish, but one of the people suing him doesn't even have a leg to stand on ... according to new docs. We broke the story ... Sheeran was sued nearly 2 years ago… Permalink
  • President Trump Says Alice Johnson Owes All Thanks to Kim Kardashian
    [[tmz:video id="0_5gpp1yfy"]] President Trump just gave Kim Kardashian all the credit for Alice Johnson's prison release. The Prez was giving an interview to "FOX & Friends" on the White House lawn Friday and was talking about… Permalink
  • Michael Cohen Requests Court Order Forcing Stormy Daniels' Attorney to Shut Up
    The judge shot down Cohen's request, saying Avenatti talking would NOT cause irreparable damage to Cohen's case.President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen's seen about 120 too many TV appearances by Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti... so he's… Permalink

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